Best Animals For Your First Pet

Having an animal is not a small thing that you should underestimate. A lot of the time people think it is easy to be a pet owner and they end up being a bad one that can’t take care of the animal properly. Another living being no matter how small or big is a creature that you must be kind to and not abuse in any way, and you don’t want to make your pet miserable by accidentally getting them before doing your research.

Dogs and cats are usually a common pet that people get. However, they are not suitable for a first-time pet owner. For various of reasons such as they require a high maintenance even if it’s just a small chihuahua or a stray cat that you decided to adopt. Not to mention the cost is not cheap from the food, beddings, toys, and vet visit. Instead, here are four small animals that would make a great first pet for anyone.

Syrian Hamster

syrian hamsterThere are two types of Hamster, a Syrian and Dwarf which have a major difference between them. Dwarf hamster is smaller, faster, and harder to tame which is the reason why you should go with a Syrian Hamster. They are significantly bigger, and they do not need a companion so you can focus on looking after one hamster without it getting lonely. Their lifespan range from 1.5 to 3 years, so it is a short-term commitment where you should be able to take good care of it until it’s last breath. They are also low maintenance, as long as you get them a large enclosure, water, food, running wheel, a small portion of food, and a lot of love they are good to go.

Guinea Pig

a guinea pigAnother low maintenance pet that does not live very long is a guinea pig. They live up to 4 years and sometimes can they can make it to 8 years. Although you need to get at least two guinea pigs because they do need a companion and will get sad if you keep it alone, it is still a great pet because they are easy to tame and it is adorable to look at and play with. Just like a Syrian Hamster, there are not many requirements that you need to have one in your home.

Leopard Gecko

geckoMany small lizards would make a great first pet because most reptile is easier to take care rather than a mammal. Leopard Gecko is not the type of Gecko that can climb the wall; their feet are made to be on the ground. The main diet is cricket, and they are probably one of the most low-cost animals that you can get as a pet.

Whatever pet you end up buying, make sure that you do a deep research about what the experience will be, what do you need, and consider whether your lifestyle and personality suit the pet’s care guide and needs.